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Introducing our Division

 Our project managers, PMO,
guarantee flawless results

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Those who succeed are those
who know
to 'organize themselves'

Our job :
putting project managers, PMO, project managers, in the head of your strategic projects.
A difficult project ?
An important project ?

Our project managers, PMO, come on site.
They will make the project succeed.

In all countries.



    The other two are “ Studies ” and “ Trainings ” .

  2. The "PROJECTS DIVISION" directs complex projects

    We construct a "Project" in a certified process, in four phases :
    ■ evaluation
    ■ development
    ■ accomplishment
    ■ conclusion

  3. The "evaluation" phase provides the following results :
    ■ goals and customer expectations (impacts, changes, desired transformations)
    ■ detailed technical constraints (resources, indicators, deadlines)
    ■ budgets and desired agenda
    ■ articulation with other "Projects"

  4. The "elaboration" phase provides the following results :

    "Project" vision (all phases, broken down by CMMI)
    ■ project documentation (such as Wiki tool, tools for decision-making bodies, MS Project)
    ■ documentation of participants (RACI matrix : Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed)
    ■ deliverables description (versions, traces, construction tools, quality indicators) br>■ resources selection (internal, external)

  5. The "elaboration" phase provides the following results :

    ■ installation of our Project Manager and our Project Manager, PMO
    ■ installation of decision-making bodies (Steering Committee, Investment Committee )
    ■ installation of technical bodies ( architecture, security, integration, communication)
    "Project" management (all phases, all milestones and deliverables )
    ■ vision of progress (agenda, Gantt charts, milestones)
    ■ Budget Plan
    ■ technical monitoring
    ■ project climate analysis
    ■ project logistics

  6. The "conclusion" phase provides the following results :

    ■ installation project in the archives
    ■ balances to the business use (project evaluation, assessment of participants)
    ■ installation of a presentation in the website
    ■ construction of a synthesis of profits, losses, skids
    ■ dismantling teams

Contact us : info@vertika.org
Call us today : + 33 (0)9 81 00 90 30
Projects involved:
■ absence of accidental good leadership,

Your job ? let's see now !
it is
"to bring success to your teams !"

■ absence of accidental good
top management

"an excelent" top manager

■ changes in structure, following mergers and acquisitions
■ inexperienced employees
■ projects with various risks.

To be successful 'for a long time'
think about it 'constantly'

■ political situation in risks.

To be successful 'for a long time'
think about it 'constantly'

■ procurement
■ migration of complex information systems
■ difficult missions
■ international missions _
With us,
everything is


  1. Our Project Manager and our Project Manager
    ■ are our permanent employees ;
    no "independent, freelance"
    and no beginner
    ■ high competence in the customer's business, and multilingual
    ■ high competence in client's methods and techniques, and their integration
    ■ they travel, to lead the project in the customer's country
    ■ all expenses (travel, stay, insurance) are in our care
    The customer pays no extra cost, with some exceptions.
  2. Privacy
    ■ we distribute any sensitive information about our customers
    ■ we do not give references from our customers
    ■ we cite no names of project participants
    ■ we never mention any sensitive project details
  3. Governance
    ■ all the Projects Division is managed according to the CMMI principles
    ■ the client can request special adaptations
    ■ the client is the ultimate decision-maker

The areas of training we give,
in 15 countries :

■ the « ITSM diamond »

This universal amazing diagram
explains everything :
activities, budgets, business, communication, documentation, management, organization, projects, processes, quality, requirements, ressources, roles

■ benchmarking

Let us look at each other,
but secretly

■ changes

and complicated

■ client relation

Your clients
should "love you"

■ collaboration

Become effective
but in group

■ communication

Become fluid
but in group

■ conflicts

Signs of life,
therefore must be managed

■ finance

From very simple level
to very complex levels

■ governance

Fluidify, control, optimize, make the management of information systems (and projects) to be more open / transparent / collaborative

■ information systems

IS :
All decisions,
all actions are based on it

■ Information Technology

Methods, architectures, networks
internet, Big Data
(and the projects)

■ leadership

Your job ?
it is obvious !
it is
to "give success to your teams !!! "

■ marketing

Know to seduce, "constantly"

■ organization

Those who succeed, are those
who know "to organize themselves"

■ personal effectiveness

Improve the person
and its results

■ politics

There are
"what we do"
"what we make believe"

■ projects

Make your projects

■ quality

To succeed "constantly",
"everything, and everybody"

■ risks

To succeed "for a long time",
think about it "constantly"

■ sales

To sell "constantly"
improve "concepts" and "practice"

■ security

Do not confuse « risks »,
and « security »

■ strategy

The major theories,
to lead your business
to success>

■ team management

Become an
« excellent » manager

■ upper management

Become an
« excellent » manager

■ a language in 3 weeks

Become business bilingual,
without magic,
in 3 weeks

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