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Know how to choose

This is the top level of the company management and of public administrations.

It is this level that will choose all changes.

and complicated

It is this level that will choose the principles of governance

Fluidify, control, optimize, make the management of information systems (and projects) to be more open / transparent / collaborative

Constantly choose …
This is a huge responsibility …
These courses teach you political pragmatism.
These courses are essential for becoming
"the big boss".


  1. TO CHOOSE ...

    Choosing is like making bread.

    To make bread : wheat is planted a long time before eating the bread.

    The wrong choice
    ( planting of bad seed, or in the wrong place )
       will cause "bad bread" :
       losses, shortages, disasters, destructions, rage, sadness, hatred …

    The good choice
    ( planting good seed in the right place )
       will bring "good bread on the table" :
       everybody is happy.

    The "seed" it is the decisions


    After the "choice of General Management", we must act.

    Gouvernance describes how to implement the choice.

    It describes how to

    ■ make resource management
    ■ build instruments for detailed and comprehensive vision
    ■ ensure the financial equilibrium

    ■ have the management tools
    ■ describe the "responsibilities" of each element
    ■ validate results

    ■ plan activities
    ■ address the risks
    ■ improve service

    ■ provide logistics


    This is the "choice of the General Directorate".

    This is a set of "decisions".

    t is a "divine order", above all others.

    Everything depends on the intelligence of the "divine decision maker"

    if he is crazy (Hitler, Caliph of Bagdad, islamist)
       he will bind catastrophic decisions that will destroy the whole organization.

    if he is wise (President of the Republic, Minister, President and CEO, Steve Jobs)
       he will bind constructive decisions that will strengthen the entire organization.


    (Michael Porter) The strategy The strategy aims to create a sustainable competitive advantage
       preserving what the company / organization has as distinctive.

    A company will resort to arbitration against the competition.

    A company will decide what it will not do.

    A company will find adequacies of its activities.

Stagiaires concernés :
Direction Générale, Cabinets Ministériels, dirigeants d’entreprises
Connaissances préalables utiles : leadership,

Votre job ?
voyons !
« faire réussir
vos équipes !!! »

management supérieur,

Devenez un manager
« excellent »


Faites réussir
« vos projets »

Always having to choose
it’s exciting

The areas of training we give,
in 15 countries :

■ the « ITSM diamond »

This universal amazing diagram
explains everything :
activities, budgets, business, communication, documentation, management, organization, projects, processes, quality, requirements, ressources, roles

■ benchmarking

Let us look at each other,
but secretly

■ changes

and complicated

■ client relation

Your clients
should "love you"

■ collaboration

Become effective
but in group

■ communication

Become fluid
but in group

■ conflicts

Signs of life,
therefore must be managed

■ finance

From very simple level
to very complex levels

■ governance

Fluidify, control, optimize, make the management of information systems (and projects) to be more open / transparent / collaborative

■ information systems

IS :
All decisions,
all actions are based on it

■ Information Technology

Methods, architectures, networks
internet, Big Data
(and the projects)

■ leadership

Your job ?
it is obvious !
it is
to "give success to your teams !!! "

■ marketing

Know to seduce, "constantly"

■ organization

Those who succeed, are those
who know "to organize themselves"

■ personal effectiveness

Improve the person
and its results

■ politics

There are
"what we do"
"what we make believe"

■ projects

Make your projects

■ quality

To succeed "constantly",
"everything, and everybody"

■ risks

To succeed "for a long time",
think about it "constantly"

■ sales

To sell "constantly"
improve "concepts" and "practice"

■ security

Do not confuse « risks »,
and « security »

■ strategy

The major theories,
to lead your business
to success>

■ team management

Become an
« excellent » manager

■ upper management

Become an
« excellent » manager

■ a language in 3 weeks

Become business bilingual,
without magic,
in 3 weeks

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